Krishan Kumar Mittal



Kishan Kumar Mittal earned his MSC Chemistry degree in 1988 from IIT, Delhi. He has been a crucial part of the teaching industry for more than 33 years now. The students of many renowned institutions including FIITJEE, Aakash, Bansals, Allen, and VMC have had the opportunity to learn from his expertise. Previously, Mr. Mittal has taught thousands of children in huge batches of 150-200 students each. He thus stands well-aware about the disadvantages and loopholes of a crowded classroom. He, now, plans to remodel his teaching structure and techniques to promote an individualistic, focused, and more personalized learning. His 8-10 students in each batch will witness the best of his abilities and gain the finest learning experience.

QUALIFICATION :Ex-HOD Chemistry, FIITJEE [33+ Years of Experience]