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Welcome to Learnivio

Although Learnivio was launched in 2021. Prior to this, we operated an offline institute named Orchid Institute in New Delhi, which has been running for a decade. At Orchid, we have produced exceptional results in both JEE/NEET and CBSE examinations. In 2021, we launched Learnivio with the specific aim of extending our legacy of educational excellence to NRI students in the Gulf countries. Our pedagogy, customized to meet the unique needs of our students, has already begun to show impressive outcomes.
At Learnivio, we firmly believe that each student is unique, necessitating personalized learning paths. This philosophy compels us to conduct classes in small batches, allowing us to group students with similar learning styles. This arrangement facilitates the customization of our teaching methods to match their distinct learning styles.
Through a series of assessments, we accurately determine each student’s knowledge level, enabling us to tailor our teaching methods to their understanding. This approach allows us to develop individualized strategies for areas where students may excel or need further improvement, ensuring their learning journey is as unique as they are. To keep parents fully informed, we provide fortnightly reports that detail progress and highlight areas needing additional focus.
Our mission is to guide students from achieving success in school exams to excelling in competitive entrance exams for grades 6 through 12, with a special emphasis on the CBSE syllabus and preparation for JEE/NEET exams.

Meet Our Team

Our faculty pool have teachers with experience of more than 15 years. Teacher who have taught batches of hundreds train only 8 students at a time.
Department of Physics

Sandeep Kumar Jha (Head of department)

Sandeep Kumar Jha has earned his MSC Physics from Magadh University, Bihar. His 25+ years of teaching experience have witnessed his position as the senior faculty of Kota Bansal classes and the Head of Department of the FIITJEE institute. After teaching in batches of over 200 students each for nearly two decades, he staunchly decided to to teach in small batches of 8-10 students only. He clearly aims to provide individual attention to all his students and help multiply their academic output. His personalized attention and strenuous problem solving practices have bagged his students the finest college placements including the prestigious IITs.
Department of Chemistry

Mohit Sayal (Head of department)

Former HOD Chemistry, FIITJEE
Quite an example of excellence himself, he has secured an All India Rank of 647 in IIT-JEE, and pursued Btech from IIT, Bombay. He has been teaching chemistry in the most interesting and comprehensible way. Countless number of students have secured top ranks in NEET, JEE- Mains and Advance.
Department of Biology

Dr. AN Jha (Head of department)

Founding Member, Guidance, TurningPoint
After earning a PhD in Genetics from JNU in 1989, Dr. AN Jha had pursued his post doctorate from CSIR. His 30 years of teaching experience comprises institutes like Oasis, Guidance, and the Turning Point. It was under his expertise that the NEET departments of Turning Point and Guidance were formulated and established. Strikingly, after teaching in batches of 70-80 students each for nearly two decades, he resolutely decided to teach in small batches of 8-10 students only. His unique teaching methods and interactive techniques have helped his students get the finest college placements across the country including colleges like AIIMS and Lady Irwin.
Department of Mathematics

Subuh Nadeem (Head of department)

B.Tech & M.Tech, IIT Delhi
Subuh Nadeem has earned his Btech and Mtech from IIT Delhi in Mathematical and Computer Science Engineering. He holds a 15+ years experience in the teaching industry and has taught in prestigious organizations such as FIITJEE and VMC as the senior faculty for Mathematics. After teaching for more than a decade in big batches of 80-100 students each, Mr. Nadeem has decided to upgrade his teaching methods and bring his experience to practical use. He discovered that growth and innovation generate only from a student focused and individual centric approach. He now plans to teach in small batches of 8-10 students each and wants to personally monitor their academic and personal growth.

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