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We believe each learner learns according to their own pace. Our empathetic supervision in a small batch of less than 8 students aims to improve attention and nurture creativity.

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Discover the hidden genius in you

Lost in a big batch ?

Our small batch of less than 8 students and creative style of teaching aims to make learning fruitful. The learning style of fellow batchmates will match with yours.
We do not believe in changing your natural style of learning or make you adjust in a big batch.
Our time and sincere attention is to awaken the genius within you.

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Fed up of no improvement in grades despite attending tuition classes throughout the week?

Imagine becoming one of those admirable learners who excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities. Tailored learning unlike the traditional one optimizes productivity and brain performance. This saves you time and energy for hobbies and learning modern skills. The result is improved grades without losing your motivation, extracurricular learning and futuristic skills development.

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Personalised Learning

Personalized learning is an innovative method to adjust style of teaching according to your requirement. You will not feel stuck with unclarified doubt or get bored due to repetition of already learned topic. Students with any style of learning benefits from our creative and innovative method of making learning more productive and efficient.

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Self - study help

Self-study is as important as your classes but most of you fail to maintain the discipline. The key to growth is consistency. We provide a study companion who helps you build and follow an efficient routine and also support you with essential resources (class notes and lectures). No matter you are a morning bird or a night owl, he is there to assist you. Our philosophy is that “motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing.

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We care for you and it shows!


Foundation course

(Class 9th and 10th studying students)

With a focus on conceptual learning, students navigate though complexities of science. Get head start with our foundation programme!

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Leaders Course

(Class 11th and 12th studying students)

Rigours of school education and competitive exams made easy through a rounded academic support system. Prepare for academic challenges with us!

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Achievers Course

(12th Passed)

Leave no space for complacency by utilising your extra time with AI and ML backed tests. Ensure success in competitive exams and then college

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What our students say about Us

"He uses good examples to illustrate a point. We all need teachers who support us like him!"

"Not going to lie, it was actually really interesting nothing like your typical coaching or school lectures."

"He makes lecture very easy to understand which is so helpful."

"Sir specially takes out time to make me perfect in his subject."

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