Maximize your NEET & JEE Success with Learnivio

A Holistic Approach to Exam Preparation

Are you under the impression that competitive exam syllabi like NEET and JEE are vastly different from your school curriculum? Think again! At Learnivio, we’re here to reveal the truth and pave the way for seamless success.
The reality? The syllabi for NEET and JEE are closely aligned with NCERT guidelines, mirroring much of what you study in school.
Here's the breakdown:
    • Exam Levels: From Easy to Tough, with Easy and Moderate sections akin to school exams, comprising 70% of the test. The remaining 30% challenges students with tougher questions, distinguishing the top performers.
    • Some from previous year
    • Combining concepts
At Learnivio, we’re committed to aligning your preparation with the realities of NEET and JEE, ensuring you’re primed for success at every level. Say goodbye to misconceptions and hello to confident exam performance through

Regular Classes

Covering easy and moderate-level concepts in line with your school schedule*

Dual Faculty Mode:

+ddressing the tougher aspects of entrance exams without disrupting your regular studies with competition cracking expert faculty to focus only on competition cracking skills.

Tailored ractice

+ssignments and tests designed specifically for entrance exam preparation*

Mock Tests

Refining your time management skills and problem-solving abilities through simulated exam conditions.

Learn from the best instructors