Bridging the Gap

Where School and Coaching Harmonize!

Are you tired of the choose between school and coaching classes? We understand the
struggle. That’s why we’re here to revolutionise your learning experience. In our experience the issues students face are all too familiar

Concepts disconnect between school and coaching.

Skipping coaching classes during crucial school exam periods.

Struggling to keep up with the pace of both school and coaching.

The usual 2 solutions students uses are

Personal one to one tuitions


  • Personalised attention
  • in sync with school classess


  • no team for assessment
  • have to travel
  • not an expert in multiple subjects

Online Classes


  • Team for Assessment
  • Dont have to travel
  • Get experts


  • Lost in huge batches
  • feel like a recorded lecture
  • no communication with teacher
  • no sync with school
At Learnivio, we’re dedicated to simplifying your educational journey. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to seamless integration!

Small batches of only 10 students

which is why we are able to provide personalised class involvement and focus on each and every student.

Dynamic Class Schedules

Our classes are tailored to sync seamlessly with your school curriculum, ensuring continuity and understanding.

School Exams Preparation

We stay updated on school exam schedules, crafting targeted tests and revision sessions to aid your preparation without missing regular classes.

Learn from the best instructors